mercredi, août 1
posted by Gina at 21:34

Palm trees! Carpool lanes! Avocados at the supermarket that can be bought ripe and ready for consumption! Overweight teenagers gleefully sucking down gallon sized mocha frapuccinos! Street intersections with clearly recognizable traffic laws! Radio commercials for affordable liposuction! Good Mexican food everywhere you look!
Such visions show I'm back home in California, where I've been for the past few weeks. So I excuse myself for not posting lately. I would have had to type poolside and my laptop isn't waterproof.

At 8/23/2007 2:50 AM, Anonymous ugleec

mmm, i just had some BRILLIANT taquitos for lunch with FABULOUS guacamole. mmm good ol' socal grub. now i'm off to my hour commute in traffic...i love l.a....we love it :o)