jeudi, juillet 5
posted by Gina at 12:23

Yesterday was the 4th of July, which I celebrated by going to work and then going out for pizza afterwards. Luckily, some people up in Normandy had a better idea.
Last month, about 2,500 French and American citizens and WWII vets gathered on Omaha Beach, near the American cemetery, to pay hommage. The goal was to form a human chain spelling "France will never forget" and take pictures to be given out in the U.S. as an Independance Day present. There were high schoolers from both countries. Parisians as well as Normandy locals. The American ambassador is somewhere in one of the F's. Here's the result:

*I have no idea who the jeep riding guys are at the end. I thought they'd be the veterans but they look about 50 years too young.
Hope you all had a good 4th!