mardi, août 28
posted by Gina at 20:52

All our big vacation ideas have been swept out the window.

It appears we're going to have a baby!

In the end, I think it's a much bigger adventure, don't you?
samedi, août 18
posted by Gina at 13:15

No trip back home is complete without French dip at Philippe's or a night out at Firecracker. I've been going to Firecracker since it weren't no thang but a chicken wang because it's the best- a jazz bar downstairs (with a mic open to those who've got the pipes and the guts), djs upstairs making everyone dance, djs outside making everyone dance and now there's even an ice cream truck (and one with a mission at that).
Seeing as it's been ages since my last time there, there were a lot of new faces, making me nostalgic for the old days when I could show up solo and count on seeing a group of buddies there. But you can't be too melancholy when you're surrounded by a ton of people doing the samba, so we went with the flow and partied like old times.

mercredi, août 1
posted by Gina at 21:34

Palm trees! Carpool lanes! Avocados at the supermarket that can be bought ripe and ready for consumption! Overweight teenagers gleefully sucking down gallon sized mocha frapuccinos! Street intersections with clearly recognizable traffic laws! Radio commercials for affordable liposuction! Good Mexican food everywhere you look!
Such visions show I'm back home in California, where I've been for the past few weeks. So I excuse myself for not posting lately. I would have had to type poolside and my laptop isn't waterproof.