dimanche, novembre 19
posted by Gina at 10:26

I'd never watched a rugby match for more than a minute but have noticed they make American footballers, who are basically playing the same game, look like pansies with all their protective gear. Last night, I was glued to the tv watching France play New Zealand who, as with each international game, started the match with the Haka, a Maori war dance. The clip below is from another match, but you can see the intimidation. Maybe I'm mislead by the throat slitting action at the end, but they look like they're about to dive into a carnal blood bath instead of a legal sport. If I was about to take on this group, I'd probably do a girly shreik, run out of the stadium and take up chess instead.

At 11/20/2006 5:55 AM, Blogger ria

I am totally going to teach this to my hockey team! Talk about getting into the zone.